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«Sovavto-St. Petersburg» is one the largest freight-shipping and passenger transport companies in Northern Europe with years of experience in freight shipping and forwarding. For over 40 years, the company has been specializing in trucking general and assembled freights to more than 20 countries.
Sovavto has been a member of the Association of International Road Carriers  (ASMAP) since 1974.
The company has its own modern fleet for shipping various types of freight. One of the latest achievements of the company is “Yuzhny” customs terminal in Shushary industrial zone, only 700 m away from the intersection of the beltway with Moskovskoe Shosse. The terminal greatly speeds up the process of customs declaration of freights.
The company’s buses service regular passenger trips from St. Petersburg to Finland.
The company has super dump trucks for transporting loose materials for construction.
The “Centre Autoservice” service station providing repair, servicing, and spare parts for trucks and semi-trailers for Sovavto and other companies.
The Finnish “Spedition Auto Freight Oy” offers the complete range of logistics services in shipping and storage of freights at its own warehouse in Finland.The Sovavto-St. Petersburg holding company consists of several affiliates: “Anna-Line”, “Container Transit”, “Vista”, “Asta”, “Kasta”, “Vyborg-Transit”, “Euro-Transit”, “Centre Avtoservice”, and “Petrotrakt”.

Sovavto St. Petersburg offers:

  • international and long-distance shippingof general and assembled freights;

  • freight forwarding;

  • processing and storage of freight at a temporary storage facilities;

  • customs declaration of goods passing the national border of Russia;

  • storage of trucks with goods at customs warehouses and secured parking lots;

  • the complete range of services: car wash, repair, and servicing of trucks.


“Centre Autoservice”, the first official dealer for Volvo in Russia, offers its services in maintenance and repair of Volvo buses and trucks. The service shop carries out repair, servicing, guarantee servicing, and towing. A large stock of spare parts. The service shop accepts up to 24 vehicles at a time. Our station has a subsidiary on Moskovskoe Shosse by the entrance to the city in the Shushary industrial zone.                   Read more ...